The Super Mystère Collection

Done by friend Jean-Jacques Petit to illustrate the official 1978 Patrouille de France Souvenir Booklet this profile depicts MD 450 Ouragan C/n 155 wearing the 'Dauphiné' Squadron shield containing Condor of SPA 37 and Greyhound of SPA 81. I never saw a photography with such a decoration and I think it was the first 4th FW maneer during the 1956 season, after the 1955 one assumed by Ouragans of the Cambrai 12th Fighter Wing until this latter wing was fully transformed on Mystère IV A in October of 1955.
I believe that during the 1956 season, all the four aircraft were successively flown with the three Squadron markings: EC 1/4 'Dauphiné opening season, followed by EC 2/4 'Lafayette' and EC 3/4 'Flandres' ending with a sad status: 1/ and 2/4 had been transformed during Summer 1956 on Republic F-84Fs while 3/4 'Flandres' opened the Autumn without to transform on the US type, being just good to be disbanded...after triumphs from French and Foreign crowds and next and last Fighter Wing to become in charge of Patrouille de France was the Dijon-Longvic 2nd FW which introduced, from the 1967 season, the Dassault Mystère IVA.