The Super Mystère Collection

Photographer: Jean-Michel Lefebvre ©
: 29 June and early days of August 1972
: 135 and 6x6 B&W negatives
: 4th Fighter Wing
: Luxeuil-les-Bains
: France

: Dassault Mirage III E 4-AK, C/n 561, of EC 1/4 'Dauphiné', first of the two squadrons forming 4th Fighter Wing. I think that now, all of you interested by French Armée de l'Air know that the Wing organisation is no more in existence, this leading to substantial changes with units and relocation for a number of them. Aircraft is fitted with supersonic tanks and a central beam to carry a nuke or conventional bomb(s) or air to air missile such as Matra R 530.


It is time for Number 13, generally a good one in France for all optimistic people, bad for the other... First, because the two coming months are time for vacations, publication of API starts again from 1st Monday of September, on the basis of an issue every three Monday for reasons already explained. Secondly, you were a few to solve the parking enigma: it was the artwork of the pro labo done with Hyposulphit used to fix pictures on neg film after processing it.
About this last part about 'Dauphiné' and 'La Fayette', I think you are happy to see some aircraft moving faster and higher than parking and taxiways level... Though installed on the tarmac to take these pictures I fully enlarged them to give a better translation of aircraft which are not nice and sympathetic members of the flying family but rather beasts to fire their guns in anger and to bomb in bringing over ennemy territories the so called 'nuclear fire', the most terrific expression in the hands of men who were so able to maintain peace during decades. Gliders are gliders, nuclear fighter-bombers are warriors...

JMJ Lefebvre