The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

The opposite side of picture 14. Pilot and mechanic going to aircraft as a single man... You have a look on nitrogen bottles inside the tow placed before the "Kärcher' mobile cleaning device. Background, hiding the Dewoitine 520, the protruding cap of the underground commanding post with rear, the main Base and Wing Commanding Post linked to control tower, a place I knew quite well during the first four months of 1963 to wait, inside or around ambulance, a possible crash and bring first medical assistance if necessary. I saw just two among hundreds and hundreds of F and RF-84Fs taking-off or landing and, halas for you, I have no photographs, just a 8mm movie film...
At mid distance, Max Holste MH-152 Broussard 4-WZ belongs to Blind Flying and Liaison Section of 4th FW and the Centre Est DR-300 2+2, partially hidden , is the aircraft with which a chap of mine, having had an original idea, went to see me during my report among combat aircraft !!!