The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Also in 'La Fayette' hangar painted beside the previous picture, the EC 1/4 'Dauphiné' side in a similary two part arrow. Greyhound of SPA 81 and Condor of SPA 37.
This is interesting because the squadron marks on right and left fin being opposed side by side on this wall may let think that each Mirage III E of 4th Wing could receive marks of both squadrons. I do such a speculation because I never saw two squadrons of a same wing having the same fin graphic general arrangement to contain their insigna and, moreover, I never saw a particular squadron in a wing having together on each fin side its two escadrille emblems.
This project for EC 1/4 might have something schocking to be adopted: the Greyhound belonged to second escadrille and Condor to the first and this latter had to be into the leading arrow... But, sincerely, was it possible for a Greyhound to be pursued by such an agressive Condor? No, each distinguished animal of 'Dauphiné' had to live on a fin side and so prevent squadron with intestine wars ! The same for 'La Fayette' because their Sioux considered and always consider their Stork comrades only as ducks...
Ha Ha, with such a mixture on each aircraft the wing risked to lose its whole feathers...!!!