The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

2-FG also coming back after a standard one hour instruction flight. Compare the jet exhaust variable section of 203 with the one of 217: it seems that metal was worked differently.
To continue with the short story of our EC 2/2 'Côte d'Or' Squadron, it was re-formed in April 1965 with a dotation of Mirage III Cs. It's status changed when it became a year later, always with traditions of SPA57 and 65, an OCU for all pilots having to fly Mirages to become officially during 1968 the, ECT 2/2 ' Côte d'Or' (Fighter and Transformation Squadron).
Having many difficults to assume its task with its two seat Mirage III Bs and III BEs it was reinforced during in October 1972 by a third Escadrille taking over traditions of the SPA 94 'La Mort Fauchant' (The Blooming Death), the insigna being a skeleton running with an arm holding a bloom up... I add, as a joke, that when Mirage flew at Mach 2+ speed it was ' La Mort Chauffant' ( The Warming Death' ) !
SPA 94 was created in June 1917 as N 94 with Nieuport 24 aircraft while at this period of WWI the existing French fighter units received SPAD VIIs. It's only ealy 1918 that '94' received the modern fighter and became a SPA Escadrille. After war successively became 6th escadrille of 1st Aviation Fighter Regiment in January 1920 to transform, during 1924, in 7th escadrille of 34th Aviation Regiment. With Armée de l'Air it was 3rd Escadrille of GC II/1. Succesively the unit had used Nieuport-Delage Ni-D fighters, Dewoitine 500 and 510s before to get Bloch MB 152 Fighters at Buc airfield in Autumn 1939 for the defense of Paris and depending from Air Operations North Zone, the famous aircraft requiring four hands to recover from a vertical dive !!!. With its 29 kills and loss of 8 pilots GC II/2, after Armitice, went to Le Luc airfield very near the Mediterranean Sea. During 1942 it exchanged its Blochs for Dewoitine 520s and was disbanded when German troops occupied the half part of France under control of the Vichy Regime after the Allied landings.
Such was the state of ECT 2/2 with 3 escadrilles in this Summer 1972, when I just spent a few minutes outside the Dijon Air Base, en route from Paris to Luxeuil with its 4th Fighter Wing.