The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Mirage III B 2-FP shows here the side of its SPA 57 'Mouette' (Seamew) Escadrille. This later was created with Morane-Saulnier aircraft on 10 May 1915 As MS 57 at Lyon-Bron airfield. As other units, SPAD VIIs were received during 1917 doing it SPA 57 and gained 75 confirmed kills until the 1918 Armistice. As SPA 65, the '57' went in Germany during 1919 to become, in January 1920, the 7th Escadrille of 2nd Aviation fighter Regiment. At the end of 1934 its fate is linked to SPA 65 when it integrates GC II/2 at Tours as 4th Escadrille, SPA 65 being here the 3rd since January 33. From early hours of war SPA 57 and 65 forming GC II/2 and their Morane 406 enter WWII and got 17 kills for the loss of 8 pilots. The Fighter group was disbanded during August 1940.
SPA 57 and 65 again went to life in May 1965 to form EC 2/2 'Côte d'Or' flying De Havilland Vampires, Dassault Ouragans and Mystère IV As until to be disbanded in October 1957. To be ended with next picture...