The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Instructor in 2-FP is watching to me though working with tele--lens at respectable distance of aircraft behind the wire-netting of the base. Having just a Ministry agreement to install at Luxeuil during the coming afternoon for an official report, I thought that after two or three other shots it would be a good idea to quit before the arrival of Dijon Air Base protection so as a very recent charge occured against me about supposed open intelligence to benefit of Great Britain !!!
About ECT 2/2 'Côte d'Or', it was in charge, as indicated by the added T, to transform all French or foreign pilots having to operate Mirage in a squadron. This OCU disposed also of six Mirage III C single-seaters to fully complete transformation of trainees.
'Côte d'Or' Squadron had then 3 escadrilles with traditions: SPA 77 'Mouette' (Seamew), SPA 65 'Chimère' (Dragon) and SPA 94 "La Mort Fauchant" (The Mowing Death), the two first created in 1915, the last in 1917. Quickly, SPA 65 'Chimère' was born as N 65 with Nieuport Bébés to fight on the Verdun battlefield and next over Somme. Went to 13th Combat Group during 1917 after having been fitted with SPAD VIIs. By the Armistice, SPA 65 totalled 108 official kills. Becoming 5th Escadrille of 2nd Aviation Fighter Regiment in January 1920, was next 3rd Escadrille of GC II/2 in 1933. From Tours the unit installed at Chartres during 1936 and received Morane MS-406 to enter the war with its sister Escadrille SPA 57. Their common fate with next picture...