The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Sorry for this maximum possible scan value from negative. This strange creature corresponds to SPA 124 'Sioux' head having SPA 167 'Stork' wings, SPA 81 'Greyhound' body and eating the SPA 37 'Vulture, this for the then existing flying elements of 4th Fighter Wing.
To include the past, they added the seven liards boots of SPA 155 'Petit Poucet' and the broom on which was flying the devil of SPA 160 'Red Devil', these two escadrilles having been part of the 4th Fighter Wing respectively in 1953-54 on Ouragan fighters and in 1943 for six months as a third escadrille when GC II/4 had been rearmed with P-40 Warhawks.