The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

The true side for 1st escadrille markings for an Armée de l'Air Squadron was the left one as seen here on the previous mount of EC 2/4 'La Fayette'; the Sioux head woud have to be applied on this side on Mirage III Es.
At the same place occupied by Sioux head, F-84F of EC 1/4 'Dauphiné' in the background, coded 4-SN, received 1st Escadrille insigna, the flying condor of SPA 37 in a red arrow's head, a similar arrow head housing the greyhound of 2nd Escadrille SPA 81. Fuselage long arrows and wing tips were at the squadron colors: red for 'Dauphiné', green for 'La Fayette'. I should have to see movies I made at Luxeuil during 1963 to confirm. From one aircraft to another, the long fuselage arrow was complete or had just its fore part, or the medium one if not just the rear...Note the clamshell canopies typical of all F- and RF-84 "Thunderboys"...