The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Mirage III Es of EC 2/4 'Lafayette' introduced something completely wrong!!! Indeed, SPA 124 and its Sioux head always was considered as 1st escadrille of the squadron and, traditionally, its badge had to be applied on left side of aircraft. Here, this has been broken and just have an eye on the following picture to be convinced.
Here, opened to sights, the brain materials of Mirage III E. Declined from C model for interception, the E type was due for assaut missions. Playing with words, it surely was an "Avion Dassault" !
For this the fore part of fuselage was elongated by 30cm, about 1ft, to include more avionics in the bay behind cockpit. Radar was now a multi-mode Cyrano II of Thomson Csf. Engine was the more powerful C3 version of the ATAR 9 and the aircraft, as Mirage III C, could receive the rocket-engine SEPR 841. Total load of 4400 kgs could be carried under five ventral and wing pylons.