The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Dassault Mystère 20 SNA , or Falcon 20 SNA, fitted with a Cyrano radar and a left cockpit space equivalent to Mirage III E cabin. The rear fuselage was agenced to repeat or manage all installed avionics in order to have complete capabilities of the fighter Navigation Attack System from interception to ground mapping for very low level navigation and naturally all types of attack permitted by the multi-rôle Mach 2 fighter. Moreover, the Mystère 20 SNA was used to establish navigation trips from radar scope photographs for low level tactical penetration: pilot in its Mirage III having just to compare the situation on his scope with the corresponding picture of the reference nav strips and bring all corrections to his flight when necessary.
339-WM, F-UGWM was the second Falcon 20 SNA of the Luxeuil based CPIR 339 ( Radar Instruction and Prediction Center) , the other being 339-WL. Codes were issued from a registration letters block alloted inside the F-UGWA to WZ series used by aircraft of the 4th FW Blind Flying and Liaison Section. Unit badge at top of fin was a black and yellow bat having wings deployed over the world globe with ocean and seas in blue and green continents.