The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

SPA 37 is first escadrille of EC 1/4 'Dauphiné' squadron and finds its origins as MS 37 in January 1915 with Morane-Saulnier aircraft and later in same year N 37 with new Bébé Nieuport fighters. After the Champagne Campaign, Verdun Battle and Somme Offensive and their high rate of casualties, the unit got its SPAD VII and became a SPA unit. War was ended with 135 kills of which 50 confirmed. Shortened 4th Wing elements and general story continues with next pictures...
Having here a few room with historical elements, I establish that, under Free French Forces and later, when units linked to constitute a squadron, this later received aFrench City or Province name. Exceptions exist with Schools, eg the Tours Fighter School where squadrons have name of valourous WWII Armée de l'Air pilots lost during operations.