The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Seen at the Villacoublay Air Base when returning from Cazaux, the sole radar nosed Noratlas I had the occasion to meet in about 10 years!!! C/n 314, previously coded 61-YR when flying with Transport Squadron 2/61 'Franche-Comté', was fitted with radar to become the property of GE 316, a School Group destined to form and train crew to navigation. This Group was associated on its Toulouse-Francazal base to CIET 340 which was an OCU for heavy transport crew and operating 15 Nord 2501 Noratlas.
GE 316 then used 3 Dassault MD-312 Flammants and 8 to ten Noratlas for its navigation training task.
The sole other unit to use Nord 2501 with a bulged nose was the Bordeaux based CIFAS 328 assuming formation and training of pilots and nav/bombers of strategic Mirage IVs, their Noratlas receiving the Mirage IV A nav/bombing system.