The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

338-HM is T-33 F-UJHM having 8621 as C/n and 35282 as serial. It was used by Centre d'Enrainement En Vol Sans Visibilité 328 (Blind Flying Training Center), the CESV 338 at Nancy Air Base having a dotation of 20 T-Birds. This center had the task to give blind flight instruction to jet pilots and test them to maintain their qualification. Before Nancy, during 1957, the Center and its T-33s was installed at the brand-new Colmar-Meyenheim Air Base where they flew beside the also brand-new 13th Fighter Wing specialised in the blind flying interception rôle with F-86K Sabres.
Aircraft is not wearing its unit badge. Second T-33 is 30-QB of the Liaison and Blind Flying Section of the 30th All Weather Fighter Wing using as each SLVSV attached to a wing, a few T-33, Max Holste Broussard and Fouga Magister aircraft. Third T-Bird is also a SLVSV aircraft attached to the Luxeuil based 4th Fighter Wing easy to identify by its mid-fuselage badge to see on fin of a Dassault Flammant in the next API issue devoted to 4th FW.