The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

At this stage of development and armament trials, they were always more Dassault civil engineers and technicians, also from the state Department of Aeronautic Constructions, than pure military people around Mirage F1 04. That was sure, mechanics appreciated very much the shoulder wing configuration of this new Mirage either to service the vital parts of the plane or to install external armaments or tanks.
But don't forget that the previous Chiefs of Staff wanted for Armée de l'Air bigger machines wich materialised under F2 two-seat prototype while two frames partially completed of the single seater F3 came to abandon. Either for F2 or F3 France had not enough military Budget to replace its Mirage IIIs with ambitious types to equip AdlA with these ambitious types, and happily Dassault had studied Mirage F1 and buit the first machine with company funds and this greatly helped AdlA to solve its re-equipment needs...