The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

The Winner was the pilot of this North American F-100D-10-NA of Squadron 1/11 'Roussillon' based at Toul-Rosières which came to Cazaux as competitor in the Comète Cup organised each two years between the champions of each Fighter Wing including the recce 33rd.
In the OTAN structure, as Turkey and Denmark, France received 100 Super Sabres of which 12 were two-seat F-100Fs. 3rd Fighter Wing at Reims and 11th FW at Luxeuil received these machines during 1958 and 1959. These units respectively moved during 1961 to Lahr and Bremgarten in Germany and, always in the OTAN structure, were flown as part of 4th ATAF with the tactical nuclear strike as main mission. With the 1966 France withdrawal from OTAN, the 11th Wing and its F-100 went to Toul-Rosières air base left by USAF while 3rd FW transformed progressively on Mirage III Cs which went to Nancy-Ochey base and so released its Super Sabres to 11th FW which so gained a third squadron, the EC 3/11 'Corse'. 11th Fighter Wing used F-100s until their replacement by SEPECAT Jaguars in 1976-1977, a re-formed fourth squadron (the EC 4/11 'Jura') having been detached at Djibouti since January 1973 and which lasted until 12 January 1978, some of its F-100 remaining then on this African Base for target-towing duties.