The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Mystère IV 8-MO C/n 312 with mixed underwing stores. In 1979 this machine has been withdrawn from service.
Sorry for sharpnes but I did a -2 degrees correction. It took some time to understand why my pictures often needs this. It was not noticeable under an enlarger because instinctively you put correctly your paper but fully evident with a film scanner which ignores human sensations!!! Answer is easy: I'm unable when sighting with right eye to shut the left one... So I used this latter to sight and this helped to take pictures not level...
But hear what is fully impossible to do with right eye (except if you are able to hand your camera and operate it with left hand!!!) and a true advantage when working on demonstrating aircraft with long 400 or 8OOmm lens. I explain. Sighting with left eye you are able to firmly put the camera on your shoulder with head turned left and so, your left hand holding the lens almost at extremity to focuse between thumbs and major, you are building a stable triangle considerably efficient beside any mono or tripod...and so put a 8OOmm eye, during continuous sighting, in the landing gear housing of a F-16 passing 30 meters to your vertical just before to land may be quite common. Try to do this with a tripod... To be fully descriptive when you travel from an angle more or less 45 degrees to pure vertical, the camera slides a little from top shoulder along your arm but remains quite stabilised on arm and against your face to shoot at intervals or continuously as with a camcorder.