The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Generally people were quite attracted by the tail scheme adopted by the " Auvergne " Squadron. It was only later on this picture that I discovered the why ?: a " quick done " paint brush touch had been applied to hide the Jewish J for a French F!!!
Insigna of 3/13 2nd flight corresponds to this of 4th flight of the old Fighter Group GC II/9 which, under Vichy Forces flew Bloch 152 fighters. Disbanded during 1942, " Auvergne " was reactivated as bomber unit in Morocco during 1944. Based at Salon de Provence after war the Group became GC 2/21 to fly Hellcats over Indochina and then disbanded. reactivation occured during 1954 as Fighter Squadron EC 2/9 " Auvergne " with F-84F Thunderstreaks. Disbanded again at the end of June 1965, it was reactivated in May 1972 to become one of the two squadrons scheduled to fly the reactivated embargoed Mirage 5J/Fs.