The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

This was the first occasion, for aviation journalists and also for a number of fighter pilots involved in the Coupe Comète, a competition between Armée de l'Air fighter squadrons during the so called " Congrès de la Chasse " held each two years at Cazaux Air Base, to see one of the the famous fifty embargoed Mirage 5 Js bought by Israel and, after storage years, finally affected to AdlA after converting them to French standards in order to use them as complementary attack aircraft in AdlA. The Colmar Meyennheim based 13th Fighter Wing working with two squadrons of Mirage III Es so got a third one with these 5Fs and at the time Squadron 3/13 " Auvergne " was converting to the type at Mont de Marsan with first available machines; a good lot of them were always under conversion at the Colmar Servicing and Repair Department of 13th FW when I visited the unit more one year later.