The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Probably an RF-4E of Aufklärungsgeschwader 52 based at Leck, Western Germany.
It was under this designation that this reconnaissance Wing was activated at the Erding southern German Air Force Base on 12th December 1959 with some 40 Republic F-84Fs ferried from Naples in Italy. In 1960, the Wing was under command of Major Cescotti after death of the first unit C/O, the Major Metz. Half of the Wing, during october 1960, moved to Eggebeck Base in Northern Germany and this era was a difficult one, the Wing having limited personnel and forced to fly from various bases as Fürstenfelbrück, Hopsten, Husum and order than Erding became a true Air Base with full infrastructures and efficient equipemments. It was finally on 1st August 1963 that, with its completed base, AG 52 was accepted by NATO. A little more than a year later, on 1st October 1964, AG 52 was forced to leave Erding destined to receive a Navy unit and so move to Leck! February 1965 saw departure of Colonel Cescotti who was replaced by Lt Colonel Jentzen and the ageing Thunderstreaks let place to RF-104s, full conversion of the wing taking some 18 months up to August 1966. Before the end of this year, with Squadron 521, AG 52 was then assigned to the so-called COM AIR BALTAP and it was in August 1971 that their recce Starfighters were replaced by RF-4Es.