The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

From Forces Aériennes Belges, Starfighter FX-47 of Squadron N°31. The unit was formed inside the 10th Fighter Bomber Wing in November 1951. Lacking of specialists the unit litterally was glued to ground and it's only on 4th january 1952 that first sortie occured on...that was already considered as Warbird, even in Europe: a Spitfire XIV. One understand why specialists were lacking, Rolls Royce engines running before all on prestigious cars!!! The Spits lasted until July, month which saw the squadron without aircraft!!! A true Belgian story...
Be serious. All the squadron pilots and personnel, administratively belonging to N°31, were detached to 23rd and 27th convert during october 1952 on Republic F-84Gs after a two months training on T-Birds and then acted as well as tactical as instrument flight training squadron from various Belgian bases before to definitively install at Kleine Brogel in January 1955.
From 1956, after having ferried old Thunderjets to Erding in Germany and Nouasseur in Morocco, the 31st converted to another Republic type, the F-84F Thunderstreak. In the fighter bomber role pilots logged 37000 flight hours with the type during 7 years and their unit was considered as the most mobile fighter bomber squadron during its integration to the Ace Mobile Force inside the Belgian AF.
Squadron got its F-104G Starfighters in March 1964 and continued with excellence in the some slightly different strike fighter bomber work.