The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Probably a former Tiger pilot of EC 1/12 and now high ranked officer in the Parisian AdlA Staff is coming from the Villacoublay Air Base with a Morane-Saulnier MS 760 Paris, the most known and communication jet aircraft in the AdlA inventory. 22 machines were grouped in the Transport Squadron ET 2/65 Rambouillet alsoowning 8 Max Holste Broussard single engined and high winged aircraft. Paris C/n 78 F-RBLT was nose coded LT. The GAEL ( Air Training and Liaison Group ) formed the 65th Transport Wing, having as first squadron the ET 1/65 Vendôme grouping more heavy means as Nord 262 Fregates, Mystère 20s and some Nord 2501 Noratlas.