The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Visitor coming from Base Aérienne 112 of Reims, this SNCASO SO 4050 Vautour IIN C/n 367 belonged to 3/30 Lorraine squadron flying with 1/30 Normandie Niemen to form the 30th All Weather Fighter Wing. The 2/30 Sqn found its origins as RAF 342 Squadron at West Raynham early 1943. It was known as Groupe Lorraine or Bomber Group GB 1/20 flying Bostons and, just before end of war, B-25 Mitchells. Disbanded at the end of 1945, the famous Lorraine group reformed with DH Mosquitoes in Morocco during November 1949 as Recce and Night Fighter Group, the GC 1/20. In 1951 the group became Night Fighter Group GCN 1/31. Mid 1952 the Lorraine group came back to France always flying Mosquitoes before to equip in 1953 with Gloster Meteor NF 11s and 13s and operate from Tours air Base as Escadron Mixte d'Instruction et de Chasse de Nuit EMICN 3/30 ( Mixt Instructional and Night Fighter Squadron). When unit received its Vautours during 1957 it changed again of designation, being now ECTT 3/30 ( All Weather Fighter Squadron). Move to its Reims Base occured in February 1961 and it was only during 1966 that similarly equipped 1/30 Normandie Niemen left its Orange Air Base to join sister squadron in Champaign.