The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Coming from Oldenburg, Germany, one of the Fiat G-91 Ys belonging to the Luftwaffe 431st Squadron. The unit originated in November 1958 at Leck Air Base in Germany under designation of 2nd Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 72 (Sqdn N°2, 72nd Fighter Wing) and flew with Sabre IVs to intensively train in order to fulfill NATO requirements. Recognized as Tigers, N°2 Squadron participated to Tiger Meet as soon as the 1962 second edition.
It was during October 1964 that it became 431st Squadron with JG 72 transforming in Jagdbombergeschwader 43. So, with this new fighter-bomber status, a move was made to Oldenburg Air base and, without a loss, the squadron continued to use F-86 Sabre fighters for close support until 1966 when the Fiat G-91Y light fighter-bomber and recce aircraft arrived, adding reconnaissance as secondary mission for the 431st.