The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Here, I had full permission to take pictures of Mirage III vertical surfaces. A few months before this, for asking such photographs to all C/Os of Mirage air bases, I was almost convinced of open intelligence to the benefit of Great Britain! The tail of this visitor, of which pilot surely is a high ranked former tiger of EC 1/12, is interesting because with old marking system having rudder receiving french flag and aircraft name and C/n (of which "78" remnants are seen) painted mid over fin. After flag disappeared C/n remained at the two places and aircraft name on rudder. The insigna and traditions of the WWII " Ile de France " Squadron belongs here to EC 2/5 based with its Mirage IIICs at Orange AFB, alongside with EC 1/5 Vendée, 5th Fighter Wing. History of the two squadrons are very interesting and fully corresponds to the fighting spirit. Dewoitine 520, Dauntless, Spitfires, Aira- and Kingcobras were piston-engined aircraft of legend of these two squadrons.