The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Different view of the same in 1074x713 size. About this picture I have to tell that it's not possible to get very good enlargements directly from negatives in a film scanner according the acute picking-up of all the film structure. First, get a very good quality 13x18 but rather 18x24 or 24x30 centimeters classic enlargement from a good lens and then use your flat scanner. So you can get a high quality whole wall of considerable size with your picture. I tested my B&W prints and corresponding negs and in every case the film-scanned result ( I used several types to be sure that test was not dependant of a deficient apparatus ) was beaten by the flat-scanned one and by far...
I also discovered that enlarging a picture could be quite satisfying when resizing with bilinear method a normal 800x533 picture from Photoshop and cutting it again next to 800x533 rather than taking again the neg to resize it directly through the film scanner. To end the technical comments, by far Photoshop is not the best to do an angular correction of a picture, 2 or 3° by example, and I found Photo Suite from MGI more efficient with final quality; and if you have to copyright-name or write on your pictures, do it with Photoshop which not introduces too much noise in the immediate vicinity of letters.