The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Photographer: Jean-Michel Lefebvre ©
: 16 June 1972
: .B&W 135 negatives
: 12th Tiger Meet
: BA 103 " René Mouchotte ". Cambrai
: France

: Just modified for the present edito, such was the cover of the official booklet published by 1/12 Cambresis Squadron. Foreword was so written by the then BA 103 C/O, Colonel Dechelette:
I am happy to welcome you on the René Mouchotte Air Base for this twelwth Tiger Meet.
This occasion may be an opportunity to tighten relationship between pilots of different nation but having the same spirit despite the diversity of their planes.
I wish that your visit be fully profitable and that either your human or aerial experience increase and that you kept the best remembering of the French Tigers...
Fighters be alive.


TIGER MEET or WATER MEET ? such was the question during the open day for members of Press and other enthusiasts in this day of mid June 1972. Finally aircraft having to marry with rain it was a TIGERWATERMEET and any camera and lens on the field did not appreciate at all what was falling from sky...
This little cyber mag being a pictorial, it is not question here to tell the story of what was, since beginning of the 6Os, first the NATO TIGER MEET, then TIGER MEET. Simply it was the answer to a French Minister of Defence's wish to improve Franco-American relations and to tighten links between NATO countries. So, through brains working in French and American Staffs and flying units, Tiger and OTAN became the master words to build and organise a yearly session between squadrons and so maintain between flying units, under symbols of speed, strength and fighting ability of the wild animal, good professional and friendship relations amongst men being in charge to maintain peace and freedom in Europe. First session was held at the UK Woodbridge US AFB in 1961 between USAF 79th Tactical Fighter Squadron which had the idea of combat units meeting under the same emblem as theirs, Tigers of Armée de l'Air Fighter Squadron 1/12 Cambrésis and those of RAF 74th TFS of Coltishall which was invited by the american unit due to its neighbourhood and old friendship as tigers... It was a true success and 1962 saw eight tiger squadrons meeting and so aeronautical minded medias doing very much for what became a star event.

JMJ Lefebvre