Typical attitude to land an Arméee de l'Air STOL Bréguet 961 S.

If you do this with a light aircraft, I hear your instructor!!! Speed is approximatively 45 Knots to land or take-off. When on any conventional aircraft you see the flaps downed at some 100 degrees you have to ask for a complete overhaul before flight. With them deployed by the Bréguet you may land in your garden!!!
To be serious, with flaps at such angles, fully blown as the remaining of the wings by the four large propellers, STOL was a pure reality. The four 941S built remained in Armée de l'Air until 1972. The formula could have been a true success if the motorisation of the aircraft had not been so complicated with the number of shafts, gears, rigide or soft links to do that all propellers be linked and act independently of each engine. But possible failures were not a source of casualty, the Bréguet 941 being able to land almost anywere, if needed in a forest clearing as this was daily done during demonstrations with prototypes.