For the STOL Bréguet 961 S stormy weather was no problem (AdlA).

I have eliminated all the pictures of Bréguet 941S when taxying just after the runway from where it's just performing a very short take-off, it was the night...Things here are better but lights are on. During airshows, the 941S performance always was appreciated when the full STOL capabilities were demonstrated together with the high manoeuvrability at low speed. To end about the four 941S of Squadron 3/62 Ventoux, they flew some 3000 hours before disbandement during 1973. The aircraft concept was of the highest interest but surely the technologies used required more research and developements to give a true success. Fitted with four Turbomeca 1,500 shp Turmo-III-D-3 turboprops they could carry some 55 men in arms from or to fully unprepared fields.