Mudry CAP 20, Equipe de Voltige de l'Armée de l'Air (AdlA).

When Armée de l'Air bought its five CAP 20s to the Avions Mudry Company they all had civilian registrations in the range F-BTAC to -BTAH corresponding to C/n 1 to 6 and received the military registrations F-TFVU to F-TFVZ (with C/n in a circle for identification purpose) otherly said the end of the block where Fouga Magisters of Patrouille de France had F-TFVA to F-TFVL allocated. Note that registration letters are not written as usually : little F-TF with bar low and big VX featuring call sign of aircraft. 4 is the number of the aircraft. During June 1974 A/C Dousson lost his life in a competition with F-TFVV. This machine was replaced by second CAP 20 prototype F-BOPV which took again the military F-TFVV registration.