Insigna of 62nd Transport Wing (AdlA).

Applied below lateral window of Bréguet 941 S, the insignia of the Reims based 62nd Transport Wing. Left upper in the shield with the oblique bar of Lorraine Province, the 1/62 Vercors squadron insigna including a greyhound probably reflecting traditions of SPA 55, a fighter flight of WWI, put on a Lorraine Cross emblematic symbol of the Charles de Gaulle Free French Forces. Second insigna in the right low corner is the one of ET 2/62 Anjou and shows the arms of the Anjou Province. The two squadrons flew Nord 2501 Noratlas.
And what about Bréguet 941S? The squadron 3/62 called at the origin Escadrille Bréguet became Squadron Ventoux and had not his insignia included in the wing shield applied on aircraft. The Ventoux insigna showed a fantasy eagle or vulture before the ultra simplified shape of the Ventoux Mount and about to land on a vine-tree probably doing reference to the " Côtes du Ventoux " a wine appreciated in south of France.