Beauvais airport TWR surrounded by Alouette, Noratlas and Transall.

Photographe: Jean-Michel Lefebvre ©
: June 4, 1972
Format: 135 B&W negatives
Sujet: Meeting National de Beauvais
Lieu: Beauvais Airport
Pays: France

: Apart the Alouette-Astazou helicopter fitted with anti-tank missiles SS-11 and belonging to ALAT (Army Light Aviation), the aircraft near the Beauvais civil airport TWR are the two main types of materials used by the Armée de l'Air COTAM (Air Transport Command): Transall of 61st Transport Wing and Noratlas of 63rd TW. Alouette IIIs of AdlA were used by Helicopter Wings ET 67 and 68 for communications and SAR duties in Alps and to the benefit of sea shores during Summer vacations but mainly for tactical uses as observation and target searching.


Already half a dozen of API is now issued and this was not easy for reasons due to negs conditions as you know. Some of you asked why I had not organized the issues with all pictures of each type grouped by type and manufacturers, this about the Cannes Air Show.
The reason is quite simple to understand: API is the published catalog under form of compressed and copyright stamped pictures from numerised good quality BMP scans of the ten thousands negs and slides I have made in the past and they appear, with a few exceptions, at the exact place where they are on film strips, these latter (except for various Paris Air Show where the number of shots was enough considerable and repetitive each day that I'm unable to tell: this was made the second or sixth day...) coming from the right place at the right time in the yearly sequence of my reports and other opportunities of aircraft pictures. All my shots, good or not, are scanned in BMP mode to exactly follow the classification of my negs archives and you can see in this Pictorial almost all the pictures, even a number I consider as limit by quality but interesting by the subject. Example given: with Beauvais, due to a storm, considerable loss of light added to processing mistake by the Labo!!!, I had to discard for API publication many interesting pictures, notably taxi in front of me !!! and flight shots of the rare Breguet 941 STOL transport.
I also have an important number of historical materials directly photographed from genuine pictures found in manufacturers archives, even blue prints, various French Official Archives, Squadron Pictorial Diaries, WWI and WWII fighter pilots archives...and other in french tons of original materials all meriting to be flat scanned...
Years being not infinite, for the moment I build my numeric archives of B&W negs concerning aircraft of the seventies and early eighties. When I get my colour materials, the pictures are almost the same than the B&W ones, I will add, when concerning some Wings I have studied, plenty of black and white aircraft pictures of their constituting flights and squadrons aircraft from WWI Nieuports to the before last type used before study and passing by interwar Nieuport Delage, Dewoitine 500 and others, wartime Morane 406, Dewoitine 520, Bloch 151-152, Curtiss H-75 types, next post war US piston and jet engined materials and naturally all French equivalents from 1945 to the sixties. Possibly also, some special issues with B&W pictures having been used to illustrate monographs I have made of German rarities as Bv 141, Arado 240, He 162...and a very interesting lot of cuts from German News or Luftwaffe movies I have to work in the film scanner...

Jean-Michel J Lefebvre