The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

SNCAN Nord 1101 Ramier during take-off. The operator of this machine, for the moment, is an enigma: Armée de l'Air, French Flight Test Center or DCAN (Naval Dockyards and Armament Administration) ? C/n number is 12 in the white of the flag as the 12 on the fin but possibly a third number may be in the red, maximum scan enlargment of the neg in this colour revealing not what was written neither in the C/n line nor in the above manufacturer's type line. What is sure, the aircraft is not corresponding to N° 112 which under civil registration F-BLQY continued to fly under military livery, owned by a collector or by an association of collectors. All the range F-BLQA to ....QZ was allocated to Ramiers after having been ( or before to be ) sold by French Domains, the service in charge to sell all possible materials being the property of French State Administrations.