The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

Photographer: Jean-Michel Lefebvre ©
: 24 & 25 May 1972
: 135 B&W negatives
: 1972 International General Aviation Exhibit
: Cannes
: France

: Early in the morning, companies representatives are beside aircraft to discuss the last good news and prepare new arguments for visitors. Foreground the Robin all-metal HR. 200/125.


For this ultimate part of the 1972 Cannes Air Show, some Piper products are here to remember that the american manufacturers as Beechcraft and mainly Cessna (closely associated in France with Reims-Aviation producing Wichita designed aircraft since 1960 when it got a 49 percent holding in the US company) remained quite alive though Avions Robin, SOCATA, Wassmer and Avions Mudry with their CAP aerobatic aeroplanes gave to France an interesting position on the world market. It was always a Golden Era for light and general aviation fully promising to all of the protagonists having exhibited their materials at Cannes...
During 1973, the Middle-East with its oil fields brought lasting black and high cumulo-nimbus clouds in the grey matters of aircraft manufacturers under a nevertheless blue sky all over the world where people had to search, in the bottom of their pockets, great amounts of money to continue to fly. This generated new ideas and new materials to make that quite a number of people continue to go in the air for their greatest pleasure...without going to ruin.
Among these last pictures, two true oldies then always in activity, one for pleasure with a Miles Gemini, the other for service with a Nord 1101 Ramier which was nothing else than the continuation, with a 240 hp Renault engine, of the Messerschmitt 208s manufactured in France during World War Two. From 1945-1946 SNCAN built 200 machines which were extensively used for liaisons and communications by Armée de l'Air and other Official Services closely linked with aeronautic until beginning of the sixties. Since and as late as 1978-1980 some three dozens went progressively to extinction with the state establishments CEV and DCAN for a part of their communication needs.

JMJ Lefebvre