Robin DR 400/180 Regent F-BSQO

Always from Robin, the wooden DR 400/180 Regent derived from the the single-seater Bébé Jodel D.9 conceived during 1947 of which wing shape became famous all around the world when adopted for the Mc-Donnell F-4 Phantom in the mid Fifties!!!!
The Regent was first flown at Dijon-Darois on March 27, 1972 powered by a 180 hp Lycoming and also was a new product at the Cannes International Exhibit. In fact 1972 saw a true Robin explosion of first flights, all with planes under the DR 400 designation: the /120 Dauphin with a 125 hp engine first flown on May 27 (two days after this picture was taken), the /125 Petit Prince of 125 hp on May 15, the /140 Major of 140 hp on November 16, the /600 Chevalier of 160 hp on June 29 and the /180R Remorqueur for glider towing on November 6 !!!