CERVA-Wassmer CE-43 Guépard N° 01 F-WSNJ

November Juliett, first prototype of C.E.43 using grass to taxi into the Wassmer park inside the 1972 Cannes exhibit. Note the large all flying elevator, a little exagerated by use of a 28mm. wide angle. The CE 43 02 was devoted to static tests. At the time Wassmer had hopes for 25 machines for private owners, 50 for the French CEV as said in AFR N°2 and the same number for SFA (Service de la Formation Aéronautique), the State Aeronautical Formation and Training Service. After the Wind of History, we know that a total of 43 machines had been assembled in 1976 without more orders; Wassmer Aviation was liquidated during 1977, activities passing to Issoire-Aviation, always in existence in 2001.