Wassmer 51 Pacific N° 18 F-BSNZ

The plane which had a W control stick as Concorde but before all as Wassmer!!!
November Zoulou, C/n 18, is a Wa 51 Pacific. This fixed tricycle undercarriage machine was the first all plastic aircraft officially certified in the world. Wassmer and Siren associated were among the best specialists with plastic use in aeronautic, notably with gliders. First flight was May 17, 1969. The engine was powered by a 150 hp Lycoming. The Europa first flown early 1971 had a 160 hp and the ultimate version of this four seat tourer was the WA 54 Atlantic with a 180 hp, always from Lycoming. Though as a quite good aircraft, performances surely were affected by the all plastic construction which was at its world débuts and so gave airframes a little poundy with the advantage of an announced unequalable lifetime.