Mirage F1 N° 02 coming back to hangar after a flight test (3)

No coment for the continuing sequence of pictures after flight. 02 towing reveals the clean design of the machine. Marcel Dassault estimated than a good aircraft had to be a beautiful one... In fact, Mirage F1 was a Dassault private venture conceived as soon as the manufacturer understood that French policy and Budgetary capabilities were unable to do that that the ambitious swept-wing machines wanted by succeding Chief of Staff, Mirage F2 and F3, also the variable geometry Mirage Gs, were ordered for Armée de l'Air as successors of delta Mirage IIIs. And so the scaled down F1 first prototype with a single engine was coming out from the hat of Marcel Dassault, when French AdlA had nothing to order for its future !!!