Dassault Mirage IV A N° 02 F-ZADS. CEV
Fouga Magister N° 23. Ecole de l'Air (AdlA)

A little far and against sun, the interesting Mirage IV A 02 F-ZADS. This second prototype belonging to the CEV Test Flight Center carried here nose and tail markings for various calibration tests. The roomy machine could test anything having to equip an aircraft. Amusing and quite instructing about how it was an easy aircraft, when a flight test pilot of CEV had not flown since one month or more for various reasons, it was not necessary he took a T-Bird or a Mirage III B to be checked by a companion pilot; he just sat into the Mach 2+ Mirage bomber and had a tour over the beautiful coastal landscapes of southern France to requalify !!! Happy men... Surely it was not possible to do the same in the past with a Convair B-58 Hustler !
Foreground N°23, a Fouga Magister, a visitor from the very near French Ecole de l'Air from Salon de Provence.

As to ascertain my already written Edito, i discovered on Wednesday in my site stats that a US Military Navy source went in Istres Part One and found interest in just three pictures. Probably those with the AN-22 nuke bomb...under Mirage IV bomber!