Lockheed T-33 35061. EPNER

Between the lens and the T-33, the radome of Mirage III B 234 with its very long anemometric test probe is checked by a CEV mechanic while a student of EPNER is preparing various boxes to undertake a tutorial series of flights and so prepare to his flight test pilot carreer.

Behind, 35061 one of the two or three T-Birds used by CEV, EPNER and possibly ENSA for training and basic aircraft flight tests concerning general performances, flight enveloppe, instruments calibration, controls and sytems, chasing with visual reports and other assistance situation in case of difficults suffered by an aircraft under tests. The tail wearing F-BKKS as registration is that of Morane Rallye possibly recently acquired by ENSA to tow gliders. People having the French Registration Book may have the good answer.