The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

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Photographer : Jean-Michel Lefebvre ©
Date : April 20, 1983
Size : 13x18 paper flat-scanned and 24x36 B&W negatives

Caption : Addendum to Neptune 1 with this break of 148333 having successively belonged to Escadrille de Servitude 12S, Flotilles 21F and 25F where at the time of report it was either withdrawn or with a Pacific unit of Aéronavale.

Subject : Lockheed P2V-7 Neptunes of Flotille 25F.
Place : Lann-Bihoué Aéronavale Air Base

Country : France

Editorial This is now the fourth prototype of the Gazette and second of three issues devoted to Flotille 25 F Neptunes ( See Edito of Gazette N°03 ) All Black... and white... this series surely is interesting for modellers and people who flew and maintained the type in various Navies all over the world. Having not my notes with me and being not quite very interested by what was inside the aircraft in matter of avionics and armament, I think that specialised people having flown Neptunes, for the benefit of everyone, might give their comments from picture 01 to 23 in posts through our two aviation and military binaries groups. In advance I thank them very much for their authoritative contributions.

More generally, having no reactions to captions neither directly nor via the News Groups, I understand that, before all, you are interested by pictures. So I envisage to abandon these captions, to give just type of aircraft or require from you an " Ident ? " for types of machines I cannot remember or find in my written archives. So the meaning of Gazette would be then Album.

JMJ Lefebvre