The Super Mystère Aircraft Collection

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...a pure plumb-line, with a very slight crab due to side-wind, I got with use of arms and hands to guide, up and down, fore and aft, left and right, the pilot until his machine occupied almost completely my camera-sight... I saw Lieutenant Gardessen laughing behind his moustache when seeing my body out of the limits of Noratlas with just feet linking me to the extreme end of the Noratlas floor. I was only held by the harness and long strap I evocated.

After flight the two cargo crew told me they had a real and strong fear to see me so, half-frozen out of the aircraft seeming to fly without parachute over a ridiculous very low installed protection net, a strap break being always a possibility... And Lieutenant Gardessen told me he was laughing to see such a barnstorming over him.... And my mind when I did shots was about this: with an impossible luck, I could land on Skyraider and counter-ride it just before windscreen and help pilot by signs, head back, to align and land on the Chateaudun runway!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, I tell you I got a bad reputation by pilots in the Armée de l'Air because I never had fear during flights...So I always preferred to be mute about my bad reactions before spiders, snakes and cockroaches... ( be sure they had put the one or the other if not all three in my bed when I lived several days for report on an air base!!! ) and also about my dream to meet a tiger in the street and put a big kiss on his large nose...!!!!!!!! I did this later, at a Paris Air Show and, happily, the tiger was a plump baby already with a good weight but nice and full of affection as every human child in a good day!!!!

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