The Super Mystère Collection

  Titre : 00
Photographer : Jean-Michel Lefebvre ©
Date : 1980 & 1981
Size : 13x18 paper flat-scanned
Caption : Here, the then first and sole Alizé "modernized" received by Flotille 6F for which I get a special flight on May 6, 1981.
Subject : Flotille 4F
Place : NAS Nîmes-Garons and Clemenceau carrier

Country : France


Prototype issue N°1 of 11 September 2000

This first issue devoted to the to-day September 26, 2000 official withdrawal from French Aéronavale of the embarked anti-sub/maritime reconnaissance Bréguet Alizé is dedicated to my then Flotille 6F pilot, Gérard Basset, who became later my mentor during five days aboard the Clémenceau carrier and a marvelous chap who, halas, a few months later died in a crash in the vicinity of the town of Cahors in South-West France when doing a low altitude land navigation formation flight with a young pilot.
He was victim, it was the first time in French Navy, of his Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop which cut-off...

Low, he landed quite correctly, landing-gear up, in a field in front of the aircraft but the following field was more than 15 meters lower and, at a quite slow speed, the nose of Alizé vertically downed to earth for crash. The aircraft immediately caught fire and a farmer had time to extract the badly injured rear radar-operator.
It is not a week where I think to Gérard and his chaps and this will continue after the Alizés have gone.

JMJ Lefebvre